Ready, Set, Roll!

28 01 2011

This week we are installing a new exhibit, Ready, Set, Roll! This time, we’re not just borrowing an exhibit from another museum, the talented staff in our shop actually built all of the fun components. Check out these are photos of the exhibit being built in our shop.

This exhibit is meant to help everyone learn more about physics. The components of Ready, Set, Roll! such as The Roller Coaster and The Big U provides hands on experimentation to help us learn about velocity, friction and energy.  Learn more about these words after the jump!

Velocity is how fast and how far an object, like the golf balls in our exhibit, have moved in a certain direction.

Friction is a force that stops the movement of two moving objects. Have you ever tried to roll a ball on the carpet and it didn’t go very fast or far? Did you try rolling it outside on the sidewalk and it went fast and far? The carpet had more friction causing the ball to slow down.

Energy is anything that can do work. There are two kinds of energy: potential energy and kinetic energy. Any object that has potential to move has potential energy. If you hold a ball over your head, this ball has the potential to drop or move. Any object that is moving has kinetic energy. If you dropped the ball you were holding over your head, the ball would be in motion and have kinetic energy.

Want to put these words into action? Come visit the Ready, Set, Roll exhibit or practice them at your own home with your own ball or marbles!




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