Engineering Challenge!

18 02 2011

This Saturday, we are celebrating National Engineer Day at the museum. You can celebrate this day with us by participating in an engineering challenge!

Civil engineers design and build big infrastructures like buildings, bridges, tunnels and dams. This takes a lot of work and requires a lot of planning and thinking.

When an engineer builds a bridge, the engineer has to think about all of the people that will be driving on that bridge. The bridge has to support people and cars, so it must be sturdy for safety.

We are challenging you to test the sturdiness of paper in different shapes!

The only supplies you will need are paper, tape and books. We used our paper and tape to design three different shapes. We chose to make a triangle, a cylinder and a square box.

We used old cards to create our shapes.

After we designed our shapes, we tested how sturdy each shape was by placing books on top of them.

The cylinder.

The triangle.

The square box.

We found the cylinder was very sturdy and could hold the most books!

You can also try to use different materials to design your shapes, and you can try to balance different things on top of them.

What did you discover about civil engineering in this challenge? Be sure to let us know!




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