Black History Month: Benjamin Banneker

21 02 2011

Once again for Black History Month, we are honoring an African American who invented important technology we use today.

Benjamin Banneker

Benjamin Banneker was a mathematician and an astronomer. He was also an innovator!

Banneker created a striking wooden clock. This was impressive because he had never seen a clock before he made it! He had only seen a small pocket watch. Banneker used his imagination and skills to create something big from something very small.

This was not your normal clock. It was a striking clock which chimes every hour. You can hear the way a striking clock sounds in the video below.

To celebrate Banneker’s success, we created our own clock from paper, and you can, too!

We used a paper plate, construction paper, a marker, scissors and a brass paper brad.

We cut out 12 square pieces of construction paper and wrote the numbers one through 12 on each piece. We cut out two arrows from our construction paper. Don’t forget to make one arrow smaller for the “little hand.” We glued our numbers in order around the clock. We secured our arrows in the middle by poking the brass brad through the arrows and the paper plate.

Now, you can play games with your clock and practice telling time!




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