Mardi Gras Mask

8 03 2011

Mardi Gras is a French holiday commonly known as “Fat Tuesday.” We now celebrate it in America after the holiday arrived in New Orleans in 1699. This holiday is celebrated by attending parades, catching beads and eating as many pancakes as you can eat!

We decided to celebrate Mardi Gras by creating our own masks for the festivities.

First, we gathered all of the supplies we thought we might need. You can use any sort of paints, paper scraps or accessories you have around the house.

After you gather your supplies, you can begin to create your mask. We decided to use a cardboard box because it’s very sturdy. We traced our mask first, so it would be easier to cut out. Don’t forget to cut holes for your eyes!

We decided to decorate our mask with purple, green and gold. These colors are the traditional Mardi Gras colors.

We painted our mask green.

We glued on scraps of shiny purple paper.

We used gold glitter paint, beads and other items to make our mask look fancy.

In order to hold our mask up, we glued a craft stick to the side of our mask for us to hold. You can also poke a hole on each side of the mask and tie an elastic band around your head.

Once your mask is done, you can now join the Mardi Gras festivities by going to a parade or eating delicious King Cake!




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