Spring Is Here: Your Own Discovery Pack

13 04 2011

There are many things for you to do outside in this nice spring weather. Whether you are on a scavenger hunt or a picnic, there are always things to observe and learn. To help you discover new aspects of nature, Family Fun has compiled a list of items for you to bring with you while taking a stroll outside.

A few items you may want to bring along with you to help you discover more in natureĀ  include:

  • A water-filled spray bottle to spritz on spider webs and color changing rocks. You will be able to discover the different ways these objects look in nature.
  • Strong magnets to run across soil in order to see if iron bits are in it. If there is iron. it will surely stick to the magnets.
  • A magnifying glass to discover new things that are in plain sight!
  • Your very own soil slides can be made by taking note cards and cutting 1/2 an inch square in the center. Then, you place tape where the square is. Take your note card with you and place the sticky side on the soil to create your soil slide.
  • A color-coated egg carton to collect some treasures from nature. Take an egg carton and paint the egg compartments different colors. On your nature walk, you can collect different things in nature like leaves and rocks that match the colors of your different compartments.

Here's an example of the color-coated egg carton from Family Fun.

You can throw all of these fun things into your picnic basket or put it in a pouch to take along with you on your scavenger hunt!




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