Earth Day Crafts

22 04 2011

Today is Earth Day where we celebrate this planet by being more aware of our effects on the environment. Here are a few fun crafts you can do to be more eco-friendly!

You can reuse a plastic milk jug to create a a watering can for your garden. Just clean out the jug, poke a whole in the plastic at the top, fill it with water and screw on the top. You can decorate your jug with markers, stickers or paint.

You can also decorate your own reusable canvas bags to take to store.

Another fun craft is making your own compost. Take a big bin and add a few inches of clean potting soil. You can also add dry leaves or small pieces of black and white newspaper to the soil. Throw vegetable and fruit scraps in, and you have officially started your compost pile! Add a layer of moist matter and a layer of dry matter to the top of the compost pile. Be sure to turn the contents of your compost pile every 4 to 5 days.




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