Maraca Madness!

5 05 2011

Today is Cinco de Mayo, a holiday that commemorates the triumph of a small Mexican army over French forces in “Batalla de Puebla” (Battle of Puebla) in 1862. This victory was an example of how the Mexican army was strong enough to fight against all odds. We celebrate it today to remember the inspirational victory.

You can celebrate this day with your own maraca! Maracas are percussion instruments often heard in many forms of Latin music. They are often played at special events or celebrations, such as Cinco de Mayo.

You will need:

  • 2 Styrofoam cups
  •  red, white and green paint
  • dried beans
  • hot glue gun

Here is an example of a maraca made from cups.

First, paint the cups in any decorative pattern you like. Next, place a handful of beans in one of the cups.

Then, put a layer of hot glue onto the rim of the cup with the beans in it before quickly placing the other cup on top of it. Be sure to line up the rims of both cups and allow it to dry completely before playing.

Finally, add any last minute decorations and shake your maraca!




3 responses

6 05 2011

Could I attatch the cups together some other way? I don’t have a hot glue gun but I do have some colorful masking tape from Tinkerer’s Workshop. I will try to tape the cups together!

6 05 2011

I think colorful tape would work great. Just make sure you put enough tape to keep the cups secure!

7 05 2011

I tried it out with the tape and you sure were right about needing enough to make it secure! I used yogurt cups and filled them with beans. Because I didn’t want the pictures on the yogurt cups to show, I covered the whole thing with tape. It held together, looked pretty cool and boy was it noisy!

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