3 – 2 – 1 Lift Off!

16 05 2011

Did you catch the space shuttle launch this morning? If you missed watching the launch live, you can watch a video of it here. Today’s launch was the last ever launch of NASA’s space shuttle Endeavour. It first flew in 1992. For this last mission, Endeavour will be taking scientific equipment up the Space Station.

There are six astronauts aboard this flight; a commander, a pilot, three mission specialists and an astronaut from the Italian Space Agency. Endeavour’s mission is scheduled to take 17 days with a planned landing date of June 1st. There are 4 space walks scheduled for this mission.

NASA has opened up a poll to vote on the song that will wake the astronauts up on two days during their mission. To listen to the songs and vote, go here.  Vote today, the contest closes tonight!

Today’s launch was the second to last space shuttle launch. NASA is retiring the Space Shuttle Program and plans on working with private companies to design new space transport systems. In the meantime, American Astronauts will travel to space and the Space Station with the Russian Federal Space Agency.




One response

16 05 2011

I think the astronauts should just sing ‘Shake my sillies out’…

Write in vote. 🙂

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