Need an Idea for a Father’s Day Card?

10 06 2011

The first Father’s Day was on June 19, 1910 in Spokane, Washington. That was 101 years ago! This year the holiday is also on June 19 and is celebrated all over the world. You can learn the history of Father’s Day and a few creative ideas on what you can do for your father from Kaboose.

Making a Father’s Day card can show your father that you are artistic and that you care about him. We made a few example cards to show you how creative you can be. Take a look!

If you’d like to make a Father’s Day fish card, click here.

If you’d like to make a Father’s Day language card, click here for a list of different languages.

If you’d like to make a Father’s Day shirt and tie card, click here.

We celebrate fatherhood on Saturday mornings when the Museum opens it’s doors for Cub Club from 9-10 am. This program is for kids under 3 and encourages their fathers to join by allowing them to come in for free. Father’s Day could be celebrated any Saturday you wish here with us and your kids.




One response

11 06 2011

We will be making Father’s Day cards during Cub Club next Saturday! However, I’m not sure our card shirts would look so perfectly folded if the babies and toddlers of Cub Club tried to fold them. I’m thinking glitter finger paint…

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