ACM Wishlist

22 06 2011

The Museum is a place that always encourages you to use your hands and brain to create new things. We have a place called Tinkerer’s Workshop where you can work on fun projects. The workshop gives kids the chance to tinker with donated items such as toilet paper rolls, paper, and cardboard.

This summer we have been bursting at the seams with kids getting involved in our camps and coming to the Museum to hang out in our exhibits. The camps also make use of the many donated items such as Styrofoam egg cartons, Popsicle sticks, and plastic containers. Here is the supplies table at the Engineer It! camp:

We are beginning to run out of materials because there have been so many of you building creations in Tinkerer’s Workshop and being a part of our summer camps. The Museum is happy that all of you kids and your parents have joined us and we would love to keep giving you fun things to do. Next time you come to ACM try to bring a few items off our wishlist!

If you’d like to see the list,

We accept:

  • Toilet paper/paper towel tubes (remove all paper)
  • Yogurt/plastic cups (washed)
  • Plastic containers
  • Paper/cardboard boxes (no cereal boxes, please)
  • Styrofoam egg cartons
  • Spools
  • Corks
  • Film canisters
  • Used CD’s
  • Paper: 8″x8″ or larger
  • Cardboard: 8″x8″ or larger
  • Yarn or string: 1 foot or longer
  • Fabric: 8″x8″ or larger
  • Materials that will inspire creativity in young minds. For example: wires, bulldog clips, clothespins, magnets, paperclips, etc.
  • Any design materials, material books (carpet books, fabric books, material samples, etc.)
We will NOT accept:
  • Card fronts
  • Small pieces of fabric, paper, or cardboard
  • Pill bottles
  • Cardboard egg cartons
  • Magazines
  • Milk/juice containers
  • Anything glass
  • Anything dangerous to young children (such as sharp objects, chemical containers, etc.)
*Please sort your donations into bags of like items.
*If you have any questions about donations, or have a donation that you are unsure about, please call us at (512) 472-2499 ext 202.
We appreciate any and all help you give to allow us to put your child’s mind to work on exploring what their hands can do.



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