Technology Engaging Creativity

24 06 2011

There are a number of outreach programs that the Museum runs to bring the hands-on learning experience to a wider audience. One of our newest outreach programs is TEC Lab, which stands for Technology that Engages Creativity. TEC Lab students learn simple computer programming in order to create their own animations and games, explore various hands on projects involving electricity and circuits, and lots more.

Safely soldering with help from our UT mentors.

In our most recent session of TEC Lab, college students from the University of Texas’ Student Engineers Educating Kids program (SEEK) joined our classes as mentors. It was an amazingly rewarding experience for our students to work one on one with college students who are studying some of the same concepts that we were exploring. Because we had so much help from the SEEK students, we were able to do some pretty sophisticated projects, including soldering to make a Drawdio pencil.

Alex launches a water balloon on the trebuchet.

This spring, we took a field trip to the University of Texas. It was many of our student’s first time visiting a college campus. The SEEK students we had been working with were great hosts! They let everyone shoot a water balloon from a large  trebuchet and demonstrated how to make ice cream with frozen liquid nitrogen (and of course, let everyone eat ice cream too!). The TEC Lab students got to walk through various buildings and classrooms on campus checking out libraries, classrooms, and computer labs. It was a very inspiring trip.

Checking out the liquid nitrogen. Soon - ice cream!

The Children’s Museum will be coordinating even more sessions of after-school outreach programs next school year… maybe we’ll even be at your school!

Thanks UT and SEEK! We had a blast!




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