Inspiration to All

27 06 2011

Our mission here at the Austin Children’s Museum is to create “innovative learning experiences for children and families that equip and inspire the next generation of creative problem solvers”.

Wolfgang is a 9-year-old child who attends Barton Hills Elementary School. His 3rd grade class was assigned to build a landmark that they have been to in Austin. Wolfgang chose the Austin Children’s Museum. When asked why he chose the museum Wolfgang expressed that he “really likes to come here” and “has been for many years”. Here are pictures of the model and of the inspired kid who built it:

To build the model, Wolfgang used materials such as sheet rock, cardboard, foam, markers, glue, and paint. He also wrote an essay explaining why he chose to build the Museum and what he is inspired by. If you’d like to read what Wolfgang wrote about us, click here:

Wolfgang’s ACM Model

We were very pleased when this child came to us with pride and told us about his project.  Wolfgang has even been kind enough to let us keep it. If you are interested in seeing the Austin Children’s Museum Model, stop by and ask to see it. Please let us know if you have used the Museum in any papers or school projects. We’d love to find out!




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7 07 2011

Thank ou for the great post. I have 4 children and I can´t wait to take them the museum

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