Get programming with Scratch

7 07 2011

The Museum holds summer programs that strengthen digital fluency, which includes more than browsing and interacting, but also creating and designing.  A great software program that allows kids to do so is Scratch, a downloadable programming software and online community for sharing, discussing, and remixing interactive programs and games.

A screen shot of Scratch program editor

Scratch is specifically designed to foster interest in computer programming, something not considered popular among kids.  Scratchers who program and share interactive projects learn mathematical and computational concepts in addition to how to think creatively, reason systematically and work collaboratively.

Here is one featured game, Egypt Pyramid, that was created with Scratch by a student Scratcher: 

(NOTE: make sure you use your arrow keys to navigate through the pyramid tomb).

Programming with Scratch

A camper writing a program with Scratch.

During our recent camp, Program, Animate, and Create! , our campers designed games and created animations using Scratch. By the end of camp, campers made game controllers for robots, programmed sensors  and motors to make a Future House, and an interactive mini-golf course.  Here is a video of the campers hard at work:

2011 Program, Animate, and Create! video from Austin Children’s Museum on Vimeo.

You can download Scratch here ( to start creating your own interactive games, stories, music and art!




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