Technology Camps in the House!

18 07 2011

Here at ACM, our mission is to equip and inspire the next generation of creative problem solvers. Our robotics and technology camps are good examples of the fun ways we inspire creative problem solvers.  This summer we held three such technology camps at Silicon Labs.  At the conclusion of every camp, campers presented their their work for their parents and friends to see.  See a slide show of our work here on the ACM Vimeo Channel.

Program, Animate, and Create!

Programming the robots.

Campers designed games and animations using Scratch (see our post about this children’s programming language here).  At their final presentation, parents got to play camper’s games, watch their animations, and explore what they made using circuits, motors, lights, and more.

Robot City demo

Campers demonstrate their robots in Robot City

Mindstorming a Lego Village

Our Lego Village camp focused on designing an interactive LEGO Mindstorm village.  Our village included a flower garden, a zoo, a car wash and an airport.  Campers also completed various challenges by learning how to program sensors and motors for their robots.

Treasure Hunters!

During this camp, campers had to build a special kingdom for Queen Nandua.  We programed robots to find and retrieve treasure without falling into traps that were set for them.  Imagination and creativity were a necessity for this camp!

Test run

Test running the robots.

We had a great time at this year’s Technology Camps and will be offering more next summer. See you there!



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