Meet Counselor in Training and Rocker, Zoe Graham

21 07 2011
The Museum would not have successful summer camps without the help of our Counselors in Training.  CITs assist ACM camp teachers during our summer camp sessions and in the process gain valuable team work and supervisory skills.  Their skills and experience from the summer camps is valuable to college aspirations and subsequent employment pursuits.

Zoe works with Engineer It campers.

Former ACM camper, Zoe Graham, is one such CIT.  A graduate of ACM summer camps, her fond memories of camp and the museum (particularly Global City Kitchen) drew her to apply to be a CIT when she was 14.  That same summer she started working as a CIT, she also formed an all female band called Schmillion.
Two years later, Zoe is still a CIT and the guitarist for Schmillion which is about to release their first album.  After her first summer as a CIT, Zoe recruited fellow bandmate and guitarist, Frankie Blue to join the program.  As part of Schmillion, Zoe had the opportunity to tour with some well-known bands, like Arcade Fire.  The band also received notable reviews after being showcased in last year’s South by Southwest music festival.
Zoe and Schmillion are even featured on the cover of this week’s Austin Chronicle!
Zoe and her guitar

Zoe playing at South by Southwest.

Zoe says she enjoys working with kids because they are so silly and always have to say the most interesting things.  (She even keeps a list of memorable kid quotes.)  Like the campers, she enjoys being silly, artistic and playful.  She remembers many of the games from her days as a camper and consequentially is very popular among the campers.

To learn more about the CIT program and how your child can apply, visit our CIT page.

More about Zoe Graham and her childhood influences continue reading this post after the jump…

In addition to easily relating to kids from her time as an ACM summer camper, Zoe says the book series, Max the Dog by Maira Kalman, was influential to her artistic interests and kid-like nature.  The books, compiled of mostly illustrations, follow Max the dog as he gets into silly and crazy situations but he always learns from them.  The books made Zoe interested in art.
Zoe is now arts major at Mcallen high school where she will soon join the PALS mentoring program (Peers Assistance & Leadership).  The mentoring program matches high school students with a Kindergarten, 3rd grade, and middle school student who they visit once a week. Zoe is excited to extend her mentoring role throughout the year and not just in the summer.

When asked about her future plans, Zoe says, “Do everything!  I want to do it all!”  In the meantime, she is learning to play the fiddle and awaits her album’s release this fall.




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