Campers fly Up, Up, and Away!

27 07 2011
Lift Off!

Campers release homemade hot air balloons.

This summer ACM hosted a new camp focused on flight. Up, Up & Away camp took children on field trips to study various air and space topics.  Afterwards campers participated in activities dealing with how animals and aircraft take off and stay up in the air.

Home-made hovercraft

A camper blows up a balloon to propel a home-made hovercraft.

Campers visited the University of Texas’ Aerospace Engineering lab to learn about rockets, Austin Nature and Science Center to visit birds of prey,  the University of Texas Heliostat to learn about the sun and it’s gravitational pull as well as tour Camp Mabry Air Force base.  As you can see, much fun was had by all!


Campers ride a hovercraft!

UT telescope

Campers visit the UT telescope

Watch some videos of our trip to the University of Texas Heliostat:
UT Heliostat

The Heliostat at the University of Texas.

A Heliostat is a  solar telescope that has a movable mirror that tracks the sun.  On their visit to see the University of Texas Heliostat , campers learned about the sun, sunspots,  solar flares and other solar activity.

Looking into the UT telescope.

Looking into the UT telescope.

Here are some videos showing what we learned about sunspots and the effects of magnetic fields on the sun:
Heliostat diagram

Diagram of a Heliostat




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27 07 2011

Can grownups ride the hovercraft?

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