Stomp…stomp…CRUNCH!: Make your own Dinos!

21 09 2011

Have you heard a distant rumble? Could it be the footsteps of ancient giants approaching? Get ready because on September 24th, our newest exhibit, Dinosaurs: Land of Fire and Ice opens at the Museum! We are taking a million steps back into the historic world where dinosaurs roamed free.

Here are drawings of a couple of very well known dinosaurs:



These dinosaurs roamed the Earth during the Jurassic Period. There has been fossil evidence discovered in the United States to prove that both the Stegosaurus and the Brontosaurus wandered our lands. If you want to learn more about these two dinosaurs go to  Science Kids – they give you a ton of cool facts about the Stegosaurus and Dinosaur Facts will tell you all about the Brontosaurus.

When you come to ACM to see our fall exhibit, there will be three different sections of dinosaur country to explore. We will have the Land of Fire (a warm dinosaur habitat), Land of Ice (a cold dinosaur habitat) and a Field Research station where you will investigate clues about dinosaurs and get to dig for bones. Each area will have games and activities that will be so much fun and you may learn a thing or two about the dinosaurs that you never knew existed.

A few species of dinos were found underneath the land here in Texas. Texas Parks and Wildlife will tell you about the dinosaurs that lived on our turf.

We found a dinosaur craft from Kids Craft Weekly that was super fun to make, click on the jump to see how to make a dinosaur!

If you love dinosaurs and would like to make your own follow these instructions:

Here are the supplies you need: a paper plate, paint and a paint brush, a hole punch, 6 brads/split pins, scissors, a Sharpie, and a “I want to make a dinosaur” attitude!

Once you decide if you’d like to make a Stegosaurus, a Brontosaurus, or both then draw the cut-out directions on the back. The top half is the body, there is a tail, four legs, and a head. (Click the picture to see it up close)

It’s time to paint! Choose a color you’d like your dinosaur to be and paint the front side of the paper plate.

When the paint is dry, turn the plat over and very carefully cut along the line to have several pieces to your Dino. Then starting punching holes. 6 holes need to be in the body, 1 for the tail, 4 for the legs and 1 for the head. A hole needs to be punch in each leg as well as well as the head piece and tail piece.

Here are the finished dinosaurs! You can add other pieces such as shiny paper to the top of the Stegosaurus to give it the rounded plates on his back. We added polka dots to the Brontosaurus so she can feel pretty.

Send us pictures of the dino you make and please tell us what you love about dinosaurs!




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