What’s that rumbling in the distance?

3 10 2011



These late-cretaceous creatures are roaming around ACM  in our exhibit, Dinosaurs: Land of Fire and Ice. Can you handle the heat from the volcano? Will the ice freeze your toes? You’ll have to come see for yourself, and try not to go extinct!

Our staff had the wonderful opportunity to get a hands on learning experience about dinosaurs thanks to our friends at The Austin Nature and Science Center. They even have their very own Dino Pit!

If you dig dinosaurs as much as we do, then you should also stop by The Texas Memorial Museum for their Family Fossil Fun Day on Sunday October 9th. You’ll see Sarahsaurus aurifontanalis, an early ancestor to giant sauropod dinosaurs. Learn about the discovery of this claw-handed dinosaur!

Are you tired of all this dino-talk yet? Then come to ACM’s Dinosnore Sleepover October 14th-15th, meet a paleontologist, eat some prehistoric pizza and sleep like a stegosaurus!  You have until October 7th to sign up.

You should check out all these fun dino-deals, and tell us about it… don’t be a no-fun-a-saurus!




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