Odd October Observances

27 10 2011

October isn’t just for Halloween. There are all sorts of bizarre holidays you can celebrate before November gets here.  We all know Halloween is October 31st every year, but did you know there is also a Frankenstein Day?

This year Frankenstein Friday falls on the 28th. Celebrate by dressing up as a monster, or honor the writer and creator of Frankenstein, Mary Shelley, and write your own monster story. Can you describe a monster scarier than Frankenstein?

October 30th, isn’t just the day before Halloween, it’s also Candy Corn Day. Did you know that candy corn is actually made with corn? These yummy confections are made with a very precise method using a corn starch molding process.

Photo by ScrambledHenfruit.blogspot.com

And don’t just celebrate Halloween by dressing up. You can also commemorate this day with caramel apples! Caramel apple day falls on Halloween each year, and you can celebrate by making your own caramel apples. Or you can follow our recipe below to make caramel apple cookies!

Have fun with all of these wacky holidays by printing out this neat coloring activity (pictured above): October Holidays Coloring Sheet

Are you still October Obsessed? To get the most out of the end of October, you can also visit the Texas Memorial Museum Oct. 30th for their Fright at the Museum event. You can explore the mysterious side of Texas’ natural history. Feel frightful fish from the ocean depths, be rattled by slithery snakes of Central Texas. Feast your eyes on bizarre bugs while they serve up creepy, crawly critters for your culinary delight.

Have an odd October!

And follow the link below for instructions on how to make your own caramel apple cookies


  • Any basic sugar cookie recipe: from scratch or store bought
  • Our cookie package called for: one egg, 1/2 cup of butter, and flour
  • Chewy caramel candies (hard candies won’t work)
  • Apple cider drink mix (you can find this next to the hot chocolate)

Start by following the instructions for your sugar cookies, ours needed one egg added to the powdered mixture. We cracked the egg into a cup to make sure no shell got into the cookie dough. We whisked it before adding it to the cookie mix to help incorporate it better.

   Then we added the butter and began mixing the dough, at first with a fork, but then we found that using our hands made it easier, and it was more fun!

Once it is all mixed together, add two packets of the apple cider drink powder and mix again.

We added flour to our cookie dough to make it less gooey, so that it would be easier to shape around the caramel candies. You can also try putting the dough in the fridge for a couple of minutes to help it set and make it easier to mold.

Make a cookie dough ball a little smaller than the size of a golf-ball, then press a caramel candy into the center.

Mold the dough over the candy so that it is completely covered with cookie. You want to make sure no candy is showing so that it doesn’t spill out while baking. If done correctly, when it is done it will make an oozy caramel filling.

Bake for the specified time the sugar cookie recipe suggests. Serve the cookies warm so that the filling is still melty and delicious.

Here is how our caramel apple cookies turned out, they were amazing!

Happy Caramel Apple Day!




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