Woodcrafting 101

15 11 2011

Want to sew a design on wood? Not the usual material thought of for needle and thread, however the Museum’s Woodcrafting 101 activity brought us a crafty combination. Three stations were set up for each step of the process; marking a design, drilling the holes, and putting yarn in the wood plaque. Under the supervision of Gallery Educators, kids got to use stencils, power drills, needles, and thread to make a sewn wood piece.

At the first table, kids got to choose from pre-made stencils of stars, hearts, and houses (even a rocket ship!) for their design. Using markers, the “picture” was redrawn on the wood plaque, but only looked like random dots.

Parents and kids choosing a template and wood piece to start!

Those random dots came in handy while using the power drills at the next station. Hand drills and power drills (with adult supervision) were used to make holes through wood plaques. Proper safety was explained, such as using goggles and clamping the wood plaques to the table.

Gallery Manager, Matt Brown showing a woodcrafter how to clamp to the table.

Under the hands-on guidance of Gallery Educators, kids got to use power drills and learn how to correctly hold the drill and change the direction of the drill bit to make all the holes for the final step.

Matt Brown helping kids use the ‘big’ power drill.

Gallery Educator, Jennifer Himstedt, helping kids use the electric power drill.

At the last station, a little sanding was used to smooth out the wood plaque. The original pictures were redrawn with different colors of yarn sewn through the holes. Examples were used, but kids had amazing ideas to add colors and make each wood piece an original creation!

Kids sewing the final touches to their creations!

Woodcrafting 101 will be an ongoing program to give kids a hands-on experience working with wood tools and crafts. Gallery Manager and Woodcrafting 101 creator, Matt Brown has been setting up the program and has new ideas for ACM’s new program!  New ideas are in the works and all ages are invited to join with adult supervision! The next Woodcrafting 101 will be on December 3, 2011 at ACM.

If you have adult supervision, a power drill (or hand drill), needle and thread at home: continue reading this post for step-by-step instructions on how to make a wood plaque of your own.


  • Wood piece/plaque (Woodcrafting 101 pieces ranged from 5×5 squares to slightly larger rectangles)
  • Cardboard
  • Hole puncher
  • Marker
  • Goggles
  • Power drill or hand drill
  • Clamp
  • Table space (recommend a worktable)
  • Scrap wood (slightly larger than wood piece being worked on)
  • Sand paper
  • Needle
  • Yarn
  • Tape (optional)

1- Make sure you have adult supervision.

2- Make the design you want on the cardboard.

3- Decide, mark, and punch out the holes as your template. Remember to have enough holes to keep the outline of your design, but not too many.

3- Put your cardboard template on your wood piece the way you would like your design to go. Mark with your marker each hole you decided on.

4- Clamp the scrap wood to the table, then clamp the wood piece to the scrap piece. This makes sure the bottom table is protected from being drilled into and holds the wood piece still.

6- Put on your goggles!

7- With adult supervision, hold the drill straight up and down with the drill bit on the hole. (Adults: make sure the directions are correct. Clockwise-drilling down into the wood piece. Counterclockwise-drilling ‘up’ or reverse Turn on the drill and put some pressure and drill through the wood piece to the other side. Repeat with each marked dot.

8- Sand the sides of the wood piece to get a smooth texture. This helps prevent any possible splinters!

9- Thread your needle. Knot or tape the thread on the backside of you design.

10- Continue to thread your design, changing colors as you want, bringing the thread to the backside and knot or tape the end again.

Place your sewn wood piece where you can show off your crafty creation!




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17 11 2011

I was at the museum that day and it was sew much fun! I can’t wait for the next Woodcrafting 101session!

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