Car Trip Boredom Buster

17 11 2011

“Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? How ’bout now?”

If you’ve been on a car trip, chances are you’ve heard that statement a million times in a row. You’ve probably even said it yourself! Car trips can be fun, the excitement of loading up the car and packing. The landscapes blurring across your windows. The weird radio station Dad won’t turn off. But once all that newness and anticipation wears off, the boredom sets in.

At ACM we don’t believe in boredom! You can use this opportunity to get crafty and have some road trip fun. So to help you with your road trip blues, we’ve created this neat bingo game.

We got the idea from MomsMinivan, which has a bunch more road trip games you can check out. We made our own bingo card with a Texas theme. So while the holiday season is here, you’ll have a fun game while you drive through this huge state of ours.

Once you download and print out as many bingo cards as you need, all you have to do to play is mark off the picture once you see it. The first to get 4 in a row wins!

Click the links below to print it out. Keep your eyes wide, and good luck!

Road Trip Bingo 1, 234 , 5




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