Step-By-Step Kite making!

10 02 2012

With the weather changing day by day, why not create a kite to play with on those windy days? Kites are simple to make, of low cost and can be decorated in any way that you like! Here we will give you a step-by-step guide on how to create a basic kite, but first:

How does a kite fly?

When you pull the kite using the string/yarn, a force known as resistance is applied from the wind to the kite causing it to lift, this is called drag.

What you will need:

–  2 sheets of Paper

– 3 Straws

– Yarn/String

– Scissors, Tape, Pencil.

Be sure to have permission from an adult, or an adult helping you before you start to make your kite.


First: Tape the two sheets of paper together to form a larger working areas for your kie (as shown in the picture, left)

Then draw a diamond shape using a

pencil and a ruler to make sure it is straight. Then cut the diamond out carefully or ask an adult. (Keep the cut off pieces to use later)



Second: Using the straws, tape them to the diamond, as shown in the image, to form a cross shape.




Third: Once the straws are secured into place, take your yarn/ribbon and tie it, or get someone to help you tie it in a knot around the straw at the bottom on the diamond. Cut the end of the yarn so that your kite has a tail of whatever length you would like.

(The tail on the kite in the image was approx. 2 yards)






Fourth: Using the pieces you cut off from the diamond at the beginning, draw a bow shape, or any shape you like. Repeat this 6 times so that you are left with 6 bows. These can then be attached to the tail of the kite to add decoration.




Remember that all of the paper  on these kites can be colored and decorated however you would like!

Your Kite is Finished! Enjoy!




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