Music in Our Schools Month

12 03 2012

Music in our schools month has been around since 1985 and has been filling our classrooms with the sound of music ever since.

Whether it’s through the musical talents of students practicing their recorder skills, their singing skills or just their basic triangle skills, it allows everyone to become involved.

What instrument/s do you play?

Some of the most common instruments to be played in schools include:

1. The Violin.

The violin in a string instrument that is most likely to be played by children aged 6 or older. This instrument helps to enhance your hand-eye coordination through the need to move your fingers to different strings when changing chords.

2. The Cello

With this sting instrument, you also enhance your hand- eye coordination as it is, essentially, a large violin. The difference with a cello, however, is that you play this instrument with it standing up. Also like a violin, you use a bow to create the sounds, and move the fingers on the other hand to different strings to change the chord.

3. The Piano

The piano is a traditional instrument that takes a lot of practice to master. Pianos can come in all shapes and sizes and many have different sounds to them. A close alternative to a piano would be an electric keyboard. A keyboard allows you to change the sounds of the notes, and you can also add music to the background, to enhance your music.

Do you play any of these instruments?

Playing A Musical Instrument is Fun! Why not try to learn how to play a musical instrument this month and give yourself an extra skill!




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