World Water Day 2012

22 03 2012

Water is the most basis requirement for life. It is something that, in many countries, take for granted.

World Water Day was created in 1993 and has taken place on March 22nd every year since.  On this day, people are encouraged to not use, or use as little as possible, their home water supplies.

Every year since World Water Day began, they have centered the day around a certain topic. This year they have chosen to use:

 Water and Food Security: The World is Thirsty Because We are Hungry.

All of your everyday activities use water whether that is for drinking, cooking or washing but mostly it is used for producing food, paper, clothes, etc.

There is a large amount of water required to produce the food that we eat everyday, more than you might think. It is recommended that you drink between 2 and 2.5 Liters of water a day. However it takes 15,000 liters to create 1kg of beef.

Water is a renewable source but we do not have an infinite amount of it.

Here is an example list of just how much water you may use daily.
1. Slice of Bread :40 Litres
2. Bag of Potato Chips:185 Litres
3. Portion of Olives:250 Litres
4. Beef Steak: 7000 Litres
5. Apple:70 Litres
6. Cup of Tea:35 Litres
7. Tomato: 13 Litres
8. Glass of Apple Juice: 190 Litres
9. Potato: 25 Litres
10. Serving of Lettuce: 13 Litres
11. Hamburger: 2400 Litres
12. Glass of Milk:200 Litres
13. Cup of Coffee: 1 40 Litres
14. Egg:135 Litres
Total:10726 Litre

So for one day, why not try keeping your water usage low and conserve water.




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