National Kite Month!

31 03 2012

May is National Kite Month and celebrations run from March 31 – May 6. There are plenty ways you can get involved with this celebration. It is believed that kites were first flown by people in China over two thousand years ago!

Many people in history have used kites to help with their experiments, such as:

Benjamin Franklin conducted a very famous experiment in 1752. This experiment was to see whether lightening was electricity. This experiment was successful and allowed Franklin to create later inventions such as the lightening rod.

The kite has also been influential with other inventions, such as the airplane. The Wright brothers discovered that they could use kites to lift a man off the ground! After figuring this information out, they were then able to modify their kite so that it could simulate the wings of a bird, later leading to their design of the airplane!You too can create your very own kite with your own design! Take a look back at one of our blog post entitled:  How to make a kite! This will show you step by step, how to make your very own kite! By keeping the kite lightweight and not adding anything else to it, will allow it to fly more easily. You can still decorate it using color.

However, if the weather was not suitable for flying kites, there are still other things that you could do!

  • Draw and color in kite scenarios! What would happen if a kite got loose on the street? What would happen if a kite got to close to a power line?
  • Come up with a kite related word search and then challenge someone else to find the hidden words!

Some Kite Safety:

  • Make sure you are not close to other kite flyers otherwise you may hit their line.
  • Do not fly near power lines, the kite will conduct electricity.
  • Do not fly during a storm
  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Know your skill level, do not try to perform tricks that you are not ready for.
  • Make sure to keep a tight hold on the string of your kite, you don’t want it to fly away!
  • Avoid trees and buildings

But most of all… HAVE FUN!




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