International Guitar Month

4 04 2012

International Guitar Month 2012

Guitars are highly popular  musical instruments. They have been around for many many years and have only developed into much greater sounding instruments since. Guitars can come in different shapes and designs, all chosen by the musician.

The Acoustic guitar have been used for thousands of years. The sound and tone of the acoustic guitar relies on the vibration of the strings which are then amplified by the hollow body of the guitar.

The Electric guitar however, was not introduced until the 1930’s. This guitar can be used with an amplifier to allow the player to change the volume and electronically manipulate the sound of the guitar.

Electric guitars can range in the amount of strings that they have. String amount can vary between 1 (very rare) to 12 strings. Some guitars even have two necks and twelve strings!

(Print and color this image and then add as many strings as you like)




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