National Pet Owners Day

18 04 2012

Here's my pet, Hazelnut, looking at some bluebonnets.

Do you own a pet? If so, what kind?

April 18th is National Pet Owners day. Having a pet is a great way to stay active and keep busy! Several studies have shown that dogs can be powerful motivators to get people moving. Dog owners have been found to be more active than those who do not own dogs. This is because dogs require regular walks to keep them healthy.

Dog walkers exercise an average of 30 minutes a day at least five days a week. “This is a highly motivating physical activity, when children walk with a dog,” Rebecca Johnson, director of the Research Center for Human-Animal Interaction at the University of Missouri

What is better than owning your own exercise motivator?

Well pets also help in other ways!

  • Pets Can Improve Your Mood
  • Pets Help Control Blood Pressure
  • Pets Can Help With Social Support
  • Pets Prevent Loneliness and Provide Unconditional Love
  • Pets Can Reduce Stress



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