Mathematics Awareness Month

30 04 2012

Celebrate your math skills in April!

Mathematics Awareness Month is designed to recognize the importance of mathematics in everyday life. This nationally recognized month was created by President Ronald Reagan in a way to try to make math more ‘cool’. During April, we’re encouraging everyone to discover the ways in which math is important and how it can also be fun!

Sometimes students have a hard time understanding how the math skills they are learning relate to every day life. To show how math will always be a useful skill to have, try incorporating math problems into your everyday life!

Use math while Grocery shopping! Try to work out the total price of your grocery bill while you are shopping, or work out how much you will save by using coupons when you shop. This will help you to enhance your basic math skills.

You could also play games! Board games, card games and strategy games all incorporate many mathematical concepts. From counting to probability you may see your chances of winning improve with your math skills.  Playing board games with money like Life or Monopoly will allow you to figure out calculations while also playing games.

You can also start learning about math early by reading about math. There are many books for all ages dedicated to helping people of varied ages with they math problems. These may be able to help you in showing you a different way to work out problems in an easier way than you learned at school.

Come by the Austin Children’s Museum to check out our feature exhibit, 123 Geometry Lane, which is inspired by the numbers and calculations in everyday life.




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