American Bike Month

14 05 2012

American Bike Week takes place every year during May and is generally a week of cycling events. Bike Week is dedicated to showing and teaching people how they could help the environment and exercise in a fun way that would also allow them to socialize while they bike ride. Austin, Boston, Portland, Santa Barbara, San Francisco and many other cities celebrate Bike Month.

Kate, on two wheels, outside the Museum.

Here at the Austin Children’s Museum, we love to bike. Gallery Manager, Kate, doesn’t have a car – she gets to the Museum, her college classes, and everywhere else she needs to go by bike. Ibaad, our newest Gallery Manager, rode the MS150 a few weeks ago. The ride starts in Houston and cyclist travel all the way to Austin, raising awareness and money for Multiple Sclerosis. Technology Education Coordinator, Emily, has been enjoying commuting to work on her touring bike, and getting special attention for kids for her goofy helmet:

Here are some fun ways to celebrate Bike Month:

  • Decorate your bike with streamers, bells, and colored tape.
  • Learn the names of different parts of your bike.
  • Have a bike parade in your neighborhood.
  • Practice pedaling by laying on your back and “pedaling” your feet in the air… Away you go!
  • Build an obstacle course to ride your bike around.
  • Find some pictures of bikes to find out how bikes have changed through the years.



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