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13 06 2008

My daughter was in the Mythical Machines camp and had an awesome time (even if she did miss a few days because she was sick)! Thanks for a great camp!

14 09 2011

I want to do the polishing penny expiriement for my PACE project. I need help about it. Can you please tell me about it?

30 09 2011

Hi Manuela,
If you are doing a science experiment for school, you definitely need to do your own work (or ask your teacher for help). Polishing Pennies is a classic experiment, and the steps are explained here:
Have a great time exploring and experimenting!

29 09 2011

I would really appreciate the opportunity to see what you have planned for the next few months as my school is planning a trip there in the spring, but your calendar does not list upcoming exhibits, only regular activities.

30 09 2011

Hi Robert,
What time this spring are you coming to the Museum? If you let us know which month you’ll be here, I can give you some info about what will be at the Museum during that time.

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