Easter Crafts!

6 04 2012

With Easter just around the corner, what would be better than decorating your room/house with colorful Easter decorations? There are so many crafts you can make to celebrate this wonderful time of year! From the Easter bunny to little chicks, flowers to Easter basket you have so much to choose from!

After spending a long time searching the internet for crafts to make and show you, i finally found a cute chick that is so simple to make yet very colorful and eye catching, that i thought it would be the perfect craft to make for Easter!

To make this craft all you need is:

  • Paper (colored or plain)
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Marker

First, start by drawing and cutting a large oval/egg shape out of the yellow paper (or plain and color later) this will be the body of the chick.

Second, draw around the shape of your hands, or get someone else to draw around your hand. Cut out the hand shape (or ask someone else to) These will be the chicks wings.

Using tape, attach the wings to either side of the oval shape you cut out earlier.

Then proceed to cut out smaller shapes out of white paper, for the eyes and also a shape for the chicks beak and legs. You see it’s already coming together!

Tape each of these pieces down and then your chick if finished!!

(You could also add an Easter message to the body of the chick to make it more personalized.)