Make a Paper Gingerbread House

30 11 2011

Burrrr… It’s going to get really cold, really soon. Christmas is just around the corner. When the temperature drops we like to be inside where it’s nice and cozy. If you don’t want to brave the cold weather just yet, stay inside like us and make a paper gingerbread house!

This neat activity, is half the mess of a real gingerbread house, and it’s free! You can practice all your candy decorating skills so that when you get that real cookie house, you’ll be a pro.

You can check out the Museum Dec 1st-23rd during Gingerbread House Workshops, where we’ll provide enough candy and gingerbread to make a mansion! Registration just opened,  so sign up all you gingerbread architects!

Download our at-home gingerbread activity here: Paper Gingerbread House and tell us how your gingerbread homes turn out!


Gingerbread fun at the Museum and at Home

19 11 2010

Register for one of the Museum’s gingerbread house workshops today! The workshops will be held from Dec 3.-Dec 19.  It cost $30 for members and $35 for nonmembers per house. Three people can work on one gingerbread house and admission to the Museum is included. We hope you enjoy making a tasty creation in our kitchen and exploring the exciting exhibits.

Get into the spirit by making gingerbread man decorations! I used a strip of butcher paper, but you can cut a strip out of a paper grocery bag. Draw an outline of a gingerbread man. Fold the paper over back and forth and cut along the outline. Be careful not to cut the hands along the edge, so all the men will be connected. Decorate your gingerbread men with yawn, so it looks like icing.