Make a rainbow color wheel

9 09 2010

Have you ever wondered what color you would get if you mixed all the colors of the rainbow? Make this cool toy to find out! We found this idea at Toys from Trash.

First, cut out a circle and color each section a color of the rainbow – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.  Then, take a cup or plastic container and make a hole in the bottom with a pencil (a cleaned out yogurt cup works great – an adult might need to help poke a hole with scissors). The hole should be big enough to freely fit a pencil.

Poke a pencil through the center of the circle and place it through the hole  in the cup.

Spin the pencil, and watch the colors mix. When you spin the pencil fast enough the colors will mix together and it will look white.

What happens when you color alternating blue and yellow sections? Does it look green? What about if you try yellow and red or blue and red?




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