Program a Robot

5 11 2010

The Museum runs an after school program where students build and program robots. You can learn about programing at home by playing this challenging and fun game online.  Program a robot to jump over  traps of certain colors or shapes using is/ is not commands. Do not worry if you do not get it at first, you will get a chance to try again.

We work with LEGO’s NXT Mindstorm robots and software to program sensors and motors in order to solve challenges. Once the robots are programmed, they can navigate mazes, “see” the difference between light and dark colors, “hear” noises, and much more.

We also offer robotics camps over the summer – registration will start in early 2011.


Robotics Fun Continues…

7 07 2008

These pictures were taken on the final day of the presentations at
Robotic Inventions camp at Davis Elementary. Kids spent all morning
programming and fixing last minute details on their design projects. In
the afternoon they presented the projects to the friends and family with
much fanfare. Projects ranged from racing robots to a robot puppy
playing with a ball to a robot who saved a girl from a well. Very
creative designs all around!